Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been using chiropractic care since I was 13 years old. And I truly believe Dr. Geelan is the best Chiropractor I have been lucky enough to be treated by. His bedside manner combined with his truly gifted abilities and his caring disposition put him at the to of the list. He is not the type of Chiropractor who suggests treatment when it is not needed. He truly is the best, and I would recommend him to everyone and anyone. And his staff Jessica and Ambrosia are a wonderful addition to a truly remarkable office. You will not be sorry if you give Dr. Geelan a call."

- Sarah D.

"Dr. Geelan is a great doctor. He treats his patients with respect and only recommends the care you actually need. I highly recommend him. Dr. Geelan is awesome. My back is getting so much better it's amazing. I have a bulged/herniated disc at C6-7 and the doctors didn't want me to do anything except take pain pills, then more pain pills and suffer through the pain. Told me to stay away from the Chiro for sure. I couldn't look up or sleep in more than one position for more than 2 hours. Couldn't work more than 2 hours either. Well, I couldn't wait a month for relief.

One trip to Dr. Geelan and the pain started easing up immediately. My mid-back was locked up solid. Now after my 3rd trip, I have full motion range back, can ride in a car comfortably and there's only a dull aching. No more intense searing pain running down my arm! Don't listen to all the Neurosurgeons that push you to get surgery right away. Talk to Dr. Geelan first. Remember Neurosurgeons make the most money when they have to operate on you!"

- Larry F.

"I feel Dr. Joe Geelan is my savior. After 3 back surgeries, I had sworn off all chiropractors. Dr. Geelan spoke with me many times with consultations. I woke one morning and couldn't even get out of bed, my significant other took me to Dr.Geelan.

Yes, I was scared, but Dr. Geelan put my worries at ease. Dr. Geelan did a thorough check up on me, including X-rays. I now walk with no problem and I owe it all to Dr. Joe Geelan. I also learned I could have gone without 2 of the 3 back surgeries, had I met Dr. Geelan sooner. He is Awesome!!! If you have chronic back pain, go now and see Dr. Joe Geelan. He will make you feel so much better.. I highly recommend Dr. Geelan to everyone."

- Darla

"I have called on Dr. Geelan since the mid-80s. I highly recommend Dr. Geelan for your back problems, or for a simple tune-up."

- Dick B.


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